Top 5 Iconic Aprons

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Aprons are more than just functional garments. They are becoming more of a fashion statement. Aprons are everywhere, including books, movies, cartoons. 

Here are top 5 iconic aprons we all love:  

5. Belle Apron

The iconic clothing of our beloved Disney princess Belle from the 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast. Simple but elegant apron made it to our fifth position. 

belle apron, iconic apron, iconic clothing

4. Red Riding Hood Apron

A cheerful and bright design of this red riding hood apron looks simply adorable. 

red riding hood apron, iconic apron, iconic clothing

3. French Maid Apron

Inspired by a servant’s black-and-white dress in the 19th-century France, this look is widely used around the world.  French maid apron is cute and at the same time seductive.

french maid apron, lolita apron, iconic apron, iconic clothing

Check out our less traditional designs of French maid aprons here and here.


2. Bavarian Dirndl Apron

Absolutely lovely traditional dirndl apron. We fell in love with this style since the 1965 musical drama film The Sound of Music.

bavarian apron, dirndl apron, dirndl, iconic apron, iconic clothing

Check out our beautiful Bavarian aprons (available in different colors).


1. Alice in Wonderland Apron

Fantasy adventures of a little girl Alice inspired various film and animated film adaptations. One of our favorite 1951 animated musical Alice in Wonderland made this simple but at the same time elegantly romantic look iconic. No wonder this apron made the top of our list. 

alice in wonderland apron, iconic apron, iconic clothing

Alice in Wonderland dress, iconic apron, iconic clothing
Alice’s dress inspired by the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (1972). Designed and made by Gini Newton, owned and photographed by Birgit Compton.


What is your favorite iconic clothing or iconic apron? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

Would you like to learn how to make one of these aprons? Suggest an apron sewing tutorial in the comments below.




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