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Red bow full apron


Kawaii-styled cute red apron is a real catch for romantic women and girls. Flowing short skirt, bow-shaped bodice and two bows on the waistband…everything is extremely sweet about the apron! You will love how functional, smart and cute you look in this apron.
MyCuteAprons is a store is for everyone who enjoys taking care of their households while looking pretty. Each apron has a unique design and a history behind it. You won’t find another one like it anywhere, it is one of a kind! All the aprons are handmade with great care and attention to details.

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Fabrics used: cotton.
Mannequin measures 85 x 57 x 84

Bodice Length 26 cm
Bodice Width 27 cm
Neck Ties 63 cm (x2)
Waistband Length 138 cm
Total Length 65 cm


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