Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

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Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Yields 3
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  1. 400g chicken filet
  2. 250g mushrooms
  3. 80g grated cheese
  4. 1 onion
  5. 1 cup cream
  6. 2-3 tablespoons sour cream
  7. 1 tablespoon flour
  8. Salt, pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 180C.
  2. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat.
  3. Chop onion, chicken filet and mushrooms in cubs.
  4. Cook onions in a pan until soft.
  5. Add mushrooms and cook for additional 3-5 minutes.
  6. Cook chicken until brown in a separate pan.
  7. Add onions and mushrooms to the chicken. Add flour and mix well.
  8. Pour cream and sour cream in the mixture. Cook until the sauce thickens.
  9. Divide the mixture evenly between baking pans and sprinkle with grated cheese.
  10. Bake for 15 minutes until cheese melts and browns.
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