Blue Apron – Apron Sewing Pattern

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This blue apron is one of our absolute favorites! And it is also super easy to make. Below you can find sewing patterns of this cute apron.

Check out more picture of this beautiful Bavarian apron in our gallery.

For a small size apron you will need:
  • fabric (70cm x 140cm)
  • gingham fabric (30cm x 50cm)
  • white lace (100 cm)
  • 10 mm wide gingham ribbon (90 cm)
  • bias binding

Let’s start cutting our apron skirt. Use the apron sewing pattern shown below to make a bottom part of your apron skirt.bkue apron, apron sewing patternNow cut a 50×30 cm rectangular out of a gingham fabric. It will be a little decorative apron above the apron skirt.
blue apron, apron sewing pattern
Cut out an apron bodice like it is shown in the picture below. You will later decorate the top part of the bib with a lace, and sew two 10 cm strips of lace in the middle of the bib. We will cover it in more details in the blue apron sewing tutorial. 

blue apron, apron sewing patternThe last and the most straightforward part is cutting out waistband and neck ties for your apron. The measurements I used are shown in the picture below.

blue apron, apron sewing patternClick here to see the blue apron sewing tutorial or check out more apron sewing patterns and apron tutorials!

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