Apron Sewing Pattern

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Making an apron is an easy and enjoyable task. To make it even easier I will provide you an apron sewing pattern that you can use when making your own apron. The finished aprons will look something like that:

apron dress, apron sewing pattern

Check out more picture of this beautiful retro folk apron in our gallery.

You can adjust shapes and sizes of each apron part according to the desired size and design. In my example, I use only two layers for the apron skirt. You can add more layers to make a skirt fuller. But first things first.

For a small size apron you will need:
  • fabric (71cm x 140cm)
  • fabric of a different color (38cm x 140cm)
  • bias binding

Choose contrasting fabrics that at the same time complement each other. To make your apron even more striking use a contrasting bias binding. I picked a black bias binding to use on the edges of the apron.

Let’s start cutting our apron skirt. Fold fabric in half and use the apron sewing pattern shown below to make a bottom part of your apron skirt. apron sewing pattern

Then using a pattern below make a smaller top part of the apron skirt.apron sewing pattern

Now use the apron bib pattern below to cut out a bodice of your apron. Use your imagination to create a desired shape of the bodice. 

apron sewing pattern

Then cut out two bodice details of a different fabric (see below). Those parts will be sewn on top of the bib.


apron sewing pattern

The last and the most straightforward part is cutting out waistband and neck ties for your apron. The measurements I used are shown in the picture below.

apron sewing pattern

Here is a simple and economical way to cut out an apron. We’ll publish an actual sewing tutorial of this apron next week.

Leave a comment and suggest what apron sewing pattern you would like to see next.

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